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Latte Art Workshop

Latte Art Workshop

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The 1-Day Latte Art Workshop is an excellent opportunity for a mix of different people and skill levels. From the total novice to someone already working in speciality coffee or who has a desire to work in speciality coffee, who employ's/supervisors barista's. You will learn right  from the beginning how to make Latte Art in a professionally manner. Barista School Ireland will give you the tools and support you need to keep progressing forward.

You will learn about the origins of coffee, milk suppliers, milks, espresso machine equipment, troubleshooting bad milk, beverages recipes used by speciality coffee shops, competitions and opportunities available today. After your course, you will have a brand new outlook on the craft and will be able to wow your customers with your knowledge and skills. This is often the slight margin between a good barista and a great barista.

Each module has been carefully designed to give you an edge over your competitors within the speciality coffee industry. We are constantly reviewing and updating the course content so you can enter the course completely assured that you will be taught the newest and most in demand tricks of the trade.


Once you are BSI  certified the opportunities are endless. Why not take your skills to a trendy espresso bar in South Korea, a slick Italian speciality coffee shop in Rome, or join the buzzing speciality coffee scene in Cork or Dublin.The power is in your hands. 

Barista Training, barista course, coffee, latte art, cork, dublin

Latte Art Workshop


1 Day

Course Cost


-Home enthusiast

-Complete beginner

-Industry novice

Skill Level


Barista School Ireland  BSI / Cerfificate

Barista Training, barista course, coffee, latte art, cork, dublin
Barista Training, barista course, coffee, latte art, cork, dublin

Course Content

Barista Training, barista course, coffee, latte art, cork, dublin

What's included

  • All materials and equipment

  • Discounted lunch (optional)​​

  • Free Wifi

  • Enough Coffee &Milk to make over 70 latte's

  • Small class numbers

  • Notes to take home

  • End of Day Assessment + Results

  • BSI / Certificate on completion

  • 4 weeks ongoing support (email)     This will ensure that any questions you may have following the course are answered professionally and your progress can continue long after the training has finished.

Committed to long term personal partnerships

Ongoing Support

We break our classes down into two segment areas: Theory and Practical. By doing this we can can clearly focus on each area and define the individual needs of each student.

1. Theory

  • Milk Chemistry

  • Milk varieties & their effects on coffee Dairy/Almond/Soya/Coconut

  • Station Management (crucial to professional latte art)

  • The 4 laws to perfect latte art

2. Practical

  • Equipment Introduction

  • Waste control & Jug selection

  • Free pouring techniques/ Etching techniques

  • Designs - heart, rosetta, tulip, inverse tulip, elephant, wave heart, peacock

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